Kodo zuroku.

Edited by Masuda Ko. Illustrated by Niwa Tokei. S.l.: Sumitomo-shi, n.d. 1 v. <139-166>

This was produced and published by the Sumitomo family, which operated a copper mine and smeltery, to introduce the copper mining and smelting process. The picture of the smelter making copper bars explains that the ingots are being made for the government for foreign trade and it also introduces the 'Barbarian smelting' technology brought in from foreign countries used to separate silver from copper. It was usual for the chief of the Dutch factory entourage to tour the Izumiya Copper Refinery owned by the Sumitomo family to observe the copper being refined and to be wined and dined. This book was given as a present, when the P. F. von Siebold party toured the refinery.