Bashin hiko

Edited by Otsuki Gentaku. Transcribed by Mitsukuri Genpo. 1 v. <Mitsukuri Genpo, Rinsho documents, 52>

At the time, there were no Dutch ships arriving and the Dutch factory was using American ships, which fueled a variety of suspicions. In Hoei mondo (pt.1) included in this book, Otsuki Gentaku states that the American ships might actually be British ships, and in the pt. 2, he describes the Phaeton Incident and states that Japan should make preparations against Great Britain. Further, in Goonmitsu goyo nitsuki yokomoji bun'i moshiage soro sho, where the chief of the Dutch factory H. Doeff answers the Japanese suspicions, he denies the claim that the American ships are being used because the Netherlands has been occupied by Great Britain, and explains that America has become independent of Great Britain. H. Doeff's explanation informed Japanese about the independence of United States and President G. Washington for the first time. Belonged to Mitsukuri Genpo .