Bansho shirabesho shokuin meisaicho.

Ms. 1 v. <Katsu Kaishu documents, 92>

The title written in black Chinese ink on the cover is "Goshihai meisaicho." This oblong ledger includes the pages containing the names, allowance, rank, work history, etc., of employees of the Bureau for the Inspection of Barbarian Books. There are many places where slips of paper with a seal stamped over a signature of the individual are attached. The names include such famous people as Mitsukuri Genpo, Kawamoto Komin, Matsuki Koan (Terajima Munenori), Kato Kozo (Hiroyuki) , Tsuda Shin'ichiro (Mamichi) , and Nishi Shusuke (Amane) . Belonged to Katsu Kaishu .

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