Overmeer Fisscher, J. F. van: Bijdrage tot de kennis van het Japansche rijk.

Amsterdam: J. Muller, 1833. 1 v. <貴-6512>

This book covers a broad range of research on Japan that was compiled after J. F. van O. Fisscher returned home, based on his observations and materials he collected. The 15 illustrations are lithographic prints and the National Diet Library houses two copies, one is hand-colored (<Ran-661>/Belonged to the Tenmonkata (Astronomu Bureau) and Bureau for the Inspection of Barbarian Books) and the other is uncolored (<Ki-6512>/Belonged to Tsuzuki Keiroku). The former was previously owned by the Tenmonkata, which was charged with the translation of Dutch books, so it may have been used as the basis of Nihon fuzoku biko described in the next entry.