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Taito-ku, Yanaka / Arakawa-ku, Nishinippori / Higashinippori / Negishi
This referred to the northern part and lowlands on both sides of the Ueno plateau during the Edo Period. The origin of the area's name is that it was in a valley between Ueno and Komagome (Yanaka means "in a valley"). After the founding of Edo, a large number of temples were constructed, also leading to the formation of a monzencho (a town built originally in front of a temple). A lottery was held within the ground of the Kanno-ji Temple (present day Tenno-ji Temple) on the 11th day of January, May and September every year. It was known for a five-storied pagoda, which was also used as a subject in Koda Rohan's short stories during the Meiji Era, however it was lost in a fire in 1957. Because there were many temples, it was said Yanaka was famous for graves and lotteries, and the Yanaka Cemetary was established in the Meiji Era. During the Edo Period. One of its most famous products was hashoga (ginger with the leaves still on), which was often used for gifts and was known as Yanaka Shoga (Yanaka Ginger).