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Formal Name
Banshozan Sengaku-ji Temple
Current Address
Minato-ku, Takanawa
Known as one of the "3 Major Edo Temples of the Soto Sect" together with Sosen-ji Temple in Hashiba and Seisho-ji Temple in Shiba Atagoshita. Established in 1612 on the order of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The founding patron was Monnan Sokan. It was burnt down in the great fire in 1641, and the present location was granted as a substitute site, relocating from Sotosakurada. However, there are differing accounts of the original area of the Temple's founding and the date of its relocation, with the "Kan'ei Map of Edo" top left showing a "Senkakushi" south of "Tameike". There were 9 dormitory buildings for monks around the main gate, with 100-200 monks in training and studying. It became the family temple of the Ako Clan head Asano family, and after the Forty-seven Ronin Incident in 1702, it became famous for containing the graves of clan head Asano Naganori and the Forty-seven Ronin.