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Sumida-ku, Higashimukojima
A garden created in 1804 when the antiques dealer Sahara Kiku'u gathered ume plum, susuki silver grass and other ancient Japanese trees and plants and built it in the remains of the residence of the Taga Clan, who were vassals of the Shogun. The name means Mukojima garden of all flowers and is said to have been given in the spirit of the quote by the late Edo Period artist Sakai Hoitsu, who said "the ume plum tree is the foremost of all flowers". Originally, 360 ume plum trees were the main feature, so it was called Shinumeyashiki (new Umeyashiki) in comparison to Kameido's Umeyashi. At present it is a garden run by the prefecture and is designated as a national historic relic and scenic spot.