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The contents are provided in FY2001 and based on the special exhibition catalog “the exhibition of National Diet Library collections part 3 : the Japanese Calenders”, holded at National Diet Library between October 23 and November 2, 1979.
The editing is based on the catalog and some commentaries about Daisho-reki calendar are added.
All of the materials provided on the contents are held by National Diet Library.


Yoshiro Okada, Chairman of Koyomi no kai (President of the Society of Calenders) and professor emeritus of Bunka Women’s University, is the editor in charge of this project.
We would like to express our appreciation and recognition for his cooperation.

Bibliographic Matters

As a rule, the titles of bibliography and the image are provided from the exhibition catalog, mentioned above.
The datas are parts of the bibliography, while we add some descriptions to provide this contents.
The classification is by Nippon Decimal Classification 9th edition.

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Design and constitution of website were all renewed on March 18, 2016.


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