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This page presents digital publications from the NDL.

Publications in English

Information about the NDL : general information, services, collections, projects, Issued six times a year.

News from national libraries in the Asia and Oceania region.
The NDL edits the newsletter on behalf of the members of the Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNLAO).

Publications in Japanese (partially in English)

Report of the NDL activities and statistics of each fiscal year.

Information magazine of the NDL (table of contents available in English).

A compilation of the history of the National Diet Library.

Information bulletin for special libraries and NDL Branch Libraries in the executive and judicial agencies.

ILCL's annual reports and articles on children's literature and library services for children (table of contents and summaries of some articles available in English).

Articles on background and key points of national policy issues and related information of foreign countries, issued monthly.

Descriptions of legislation trends in other countries and Japanese translations of foreign laws, issued quarterly, accompanied by monthly supplementary issues with the latest information in brief.

Leaflets explaining briefly background, history, topics of national political issues of major concern.

Investigation reports and information on specific themes (a few issues are in English).

Subject bibliographies study on materials and collections, and reports of subject information services provided by the NDL.

Bulletin on libraries and publishing in the Asia region materials on Asian Studies, and information about the Asian Resources Room of the NDL and related organizations.

Bulletin on library and information science, issued quarterly, Back numbers since 1989 are available.

A series of research reports on library and library science conducted by the NDL (a few issues and summaries available in English).

Journal on libraries and library science of proceedings of symposia and seminars conducted by the NDL (a few articles are in English).

Transcripts of the Lecture Series on Children's Literature which has been held by the ILCL since fiscal year 2004.

Research reports on children's books and reading conducted by the ILCL (summaries available in English).

Proceedings of symposia or seminars held at the NDL (a few are available in English).
For report of meetings and training sessions, see each page.
For events at ILCL, see "Past Events" of ILCL.

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