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Protection of Personal Information

The National Diet Library (NDL) has established rules for protecting the confidentiality of personal information and is committed to ensuring that personal information is always handled in an appropriate manner.

The Definition of “Personal Information”

"Personal information" as used in the NDL rules shall mean information related to a living individual which falls under any of each following item:

  • (i)those containing a name, date of birth, or other descriptions etc. (meaning any and all matters (excluding an individual identification code) stated, recorded or otherwise expressed using voice, movement or other methods in a document, drawing or electromagnetic record (meaning a record kept in an electromagnetic form (meaning an electronic, magnetic or other forms that cannot be recognized through the human senses) ) )whereby a specific individual can be identified (including those which can be collated with other information and thereby identify a specific individual)
  • (ii)those containing an individual identification code

* In translating the definition of “Personal Information” prescribed in the NDL rules, the NDL referred to the English translation of the Act on Protection of Personal Information described in “Japanese Law Translation” (Ministry of Justice) (http://www.japaneselawtranslation.go.jp/law/detail/?id=2781&vm=04&re=01)

Obtaining and Retaining of Personal Information

The NDL obtains and retains personal information in the operation and improvement of library services. When the NDL retains personal information, it shall clarify the purpose for which the information is used and retain it only to the extent necessary to accomplish that purpose.

Restrictions on Use and Provision of the Information

The NDL shall not use any personal information it has retained for other purposes, neither shall it provide the information to a third party unless there is sufficient reason to do so.

Management of Personal Information

The NDL takes the appropriate measures to prevent fraudulent access to or leaks of the personal information.

Disposal of Personal Information

The NDL shall dispose of or erase any retained personal information once the purpose for which it was retained has been accomplished and the prescribed storage period has expired.

Disclosure, Correction and Cessation of Use

Anyone can request that their personal information be disclosed, corrected, or deleted.

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