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Remote photoduplication service for overseas patrons

Photoduplication services for remote patrons

You can request photocopy without visiting our library and receive them by courier or postal mail.

This service is the same as for "Remote photoduplication service for patrons in Japan", except for the following:

Delivery method

Copies and an invoice are sent by airmail. Airmail does not have a tracking number. If you would like a tracking number to prevent postal accidents, you can use an EMS service. In this case, you have to specify EMS in the "Notes on shipment" column of the "Remote request for photoduplication" screen of NDL Online. Please note the areas EMS is deliverable depend on Japan Post. Before selecting EMS, please check the Japan Post website.

Please note that we do not offer scanning services due to the Japanese Copyright Law.

If there is something wrong with the copy

In cases where a request cannot be fulfilled, we will inform the user of the reason by email or mail. Please check to see if you have received such a notification before you contact us. You can also review the status and request history of your requests when you log in the NDL Online.

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Fee and Payment


Various copying methods are used depending on the materials to be copied. Please confirm the type of materials in the corresponding bibliographic information. Please note that the requested copying method or the copying service itself may not be available owing to the condition of materials or other reasons.

If you do not know the total number of pages to be copied or the size of the materials, etc. and would like to know the remote photoduplication fee in advance, please write "cost estimate" in the "Note (Shipping)" field of the "Remote request for photoduplication" page on NDL Online or in the "Notes or additional information" field of the application form. Our staff will contact you with an approximate cost. If you wish to receive an advance cost estimate, the delivery time will be longer than usual.

Please note: Do not check "Request an estimated cost and bill of delivery in addition to invoice" of the "Remote request for photoduplication" page. This check is only available for institutional users in Japan.


Payment is made after receipt of copies. After receiving your copies, please check to be sure they are correct. If there are no problems, please make the payment in Japanese yen by credit card or bank transfer within 20 days of receipt. Please be aware that if you pay via bank transfer, additional bank transfer fees might also apply. Each parcel is shipped with an invoice enclosed.

We cannot accept payment by IFLA vouchers or International Reply Coupons.
The NDL does not send copies by fax or email due to the Japanese Copyright Law.

Contact for inquiry about Photoduplication Service

Please contact us by telephone or email if you have any questions about our photoduplication services.

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