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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 101, March 2023


Termination of the CDNLAO Discussion Forum

By National Diet Library (Japan) as a webmaster of the CDNLAO website

Thank you very much for your cooperation in the CDNLAO Newsletter and the CDNLAO website.

In this article we must inform you of the termination of the CDNLAO Discussion Forum.
The forum has been in operation on the CDNLAO website since 2010 as a place for AO members to discuss issues of mutual interest. The most recent post, however, was back in 2012, and there have been very few posts overall.
In addition to this lack of actual usage, the system that this forum operates on will be changed in the near future, so we have decided to discontinue the forum.

The termination date will be April 28, 2023.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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