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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 97, February 2021

Special topic: Library services during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 National Book Week Activity Report

By Likoma Viniu, NBW Activities coordinator, Manager Public Libraries, Ministry of Education, Office of Libraries and Archives Services, Papua New Guinea



Organized by the Office of Libraries and Archives, National Book Week is held annually during the first full week of August. This year the event marks 40 years since its launch from the 4th of August 1980 to 3rd of August 2020. The theme for this year is:‘CREATING GREATER ACCESS TO INFORMATION THROUGH LIBRARIES'


Due to strict Covid-19 orders all activities in the National Capital District were cancelled for National Book Week. However the Corporate and Library Wings co-hosted the small but significant Official Launch Program to commemorate 40 years of celebrating NBW.

The launch of NBW 2020 was initiated by the Director General Kasi Kakaito on Wednesday, the 5th of August. This is the report of the activities that were carried out at the Reader Services Division.


All activities were cancelled due to the lockdown measures. However, the Reader Services Division took up the task to decorate the Public Library and American Corner and organized two days of storytelling sessions. The audience for the sessions were staffs' children who participated to commemorate this significant event.

Monday 3rd August

Wari Karona, Gigira Vele, Salle Alep, and Rosemary decorated the Waigani Public Library for storytelling.

Tuesday 4th August

Gigira and Wari organised the Waigani Library and activity items for the storytelling sessions. By afternoon Wari, Rosemary Simon and Likoma decorated and organised the Galley for the launch of NBW.

Wednesday 5th August

Director General Kasi Kakaito officially launched the 2020 National Book Week. Gigira and Wari held storytelling sessions in the Waigani Public Library. A total of 9 children participated in the storytelling; they were staffs' children. Each child was given a gift bag to take home. Light refreshments prepared by Gigira and Likoma were provided to the children.

Thursday 6th August

Storytelling sessions continued with Clement and Gigira reading to the children. A total of 7 children participated. Again gift bags were distributed to the children to take home.

Friday 7th August

No activities for the day as no children turned up.


Generally, activities would require appropriate materials or tools to carry out the tasks to perfection. This year staff had to use what was available and made use of it to carry out their activities.

Wiko, as always, provided toys and story books for display at the storytelling locations. Library bags were packed with a few goodies ad small activity books and given to each child.

Story books including big books from the Warehouse and Public Library were used for storytelling.


The Covid-19 lockdown affected the National Book Week activities for this year, however the Office took up the initiative by celebrating the 40 year anniversary of National Book Week by organizing storytelling sessions. With little funding given, the activities were executed well and the staff were satisfied with their initiative.

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