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The 21st meeting (2013)

Date Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Venue Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Host National Library of Malaysia
Participants Participants [PDF 48KB]
Agenda Paper [PDF 44KB] / Presentation [PDF 717KB]
Minutes Minutes [PDF 113KB]
Matters arising from 20th CDNLAO Meeting Progress report on National Libraries Global
(National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore)

NL Asia-Pacific Proposal
(Joint proposal by National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore and Natioal Library of New Zealand)
Paper / Presentation
Country Reports Australia Paper [PDF 80KB]
Bangladesh Paper [PDF 95KB] / Presentation [PDF 395KB]
Bhutan Paper [PDF 36KB] / Presentation [PDF 601KB]
Brunei Presentation [PDF 541KB]
China Paper [PDF 96KB] / Presentation [PDF 869KB]
Fiji Paper [PDF 143KB]
Indonesia Paper [PDF 80KB]
Japan Paper [PDF 92KB] / Presentation [PDF 295KB]
Kiribati Paper [PDF 101KB] / Presentation [PDF 339KB]
Korea Paper [PDF 252KB] / Presentation [PDF 125KB]
Laos Paper [PDF 42KB] / Presentation [PDF 2.44MB]
Malaysia Paper [PDF 103KB] / Presentation [PDF 2.29MB] / Reference [PDF 174KB]
Maldives Paper [PDF 271KB] / Presentation [PDF 375KB]
Myanmar Paper [PDF 25KB] / Presentation [PDF 1.39MB]
Nepal Paper [PDF 30KB] / Presentation [PDF 903KB]
New Zealand Paper [PDF 61KB] / Presentation [PDF 264KB]
Pakistan Paper [PDF 66KB] / Presentation [PDF 3.05MB]
Philippines Paper [PDF 75KB] / Presentation [PDF 46KB]
Singapore Paper [PDF 137KB] / Presentation [PDF 2.15MB]
Sri Lanka Presentation [PDF 601KB]
Thailand Paper [PDF 45KB]
Vietnam Paper [PDF 127KB] / Presentation [PDF 64KB]
Special presentations Theme: National Library as an agent of Transformation

(National Library of Australia)
Presentation [PDF 409KB]

(National Library of Korea)
Presentation [PDF 1.14MB]

Library Services
(National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore)
Presentation [PDF 2.55MB]
Any other business National Diet Library : CDNLAO Website
(National Diet Library, Japan)
Leaflet [PDF 237KB] / Anaouncement [PDF 96KB] / Editorial Correspondents [PDF 83KB]

IFLA WLIC 2013 Promotion
(National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore)
Presentation [PDF 2.68MB]
Brief report on the Newsletter CDNLAO Newsletter No.78, November 2013


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