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The 20th meeting (2012)

Date Monday, May 28, 2012
Venue Bali, Indonesia
Host National Library of Indonesia
Participants Participants [PDF 70KB]
Agenda Agenda [PDF 73KB]
Minutes Minutes [PDF 90KB]
Country reports Australia [PDF 503KB]
Brunei [PDF 95KB]
Cambodia [PDF270KB]
China [PDF 70KB]
Indonesia [PDF 295KB]
Japan [PDF 96KB]
Korea [PDF 247KB]
Laos [PDF 196KB]
Malaysia [PDF 256KB]
Mongolia [PDF 216KB]
New Zealand [PDF 114KB]
Pakistan [PDF 116KB]
Philippines [PDF 158KB]
Singapore [PDF 213KB]
Sri Lanka [PDF 431KB]
Thailand [PDF 92KB]
Timor Leste [PDF 182KB]
Vanuatu [PDF 227KB]
Vietnam [PDF 132KB]
Special presentations The Future of LAP: Libraries of Asia Pacific Directory (National Library of Australia)
Paper [PDF 101KB] / Presentation [PDF 446KB]

Digitization: Indonesia Newspaper (National Library of Indonesia)
Paper / Presentation

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Libraries (National Diet Library, Japan)
Presentation [PDF 1.55MB]

A Digital Bibliography of the 10 Top Treasures in each Country’s National Library of Libraries in ASEAN Countries (National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore)
Paper [PDF 79KB]

Establishing a Framework for Excellence in Library Management (National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore)
Paper [PDF 76KB]

National Libraries Global (NLG)
(National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore)
Paper [PDF 44KB]
Brief report of the 15th CONSAL meeting and general conference Asia and Oceania Section Newsletter, June 2012, pp.14-17 [PDF 2.04MB]
Brief report on the Newsletter CDNLAO Newsletter No.75, November 2012


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