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The 19th meeting (2011)

Date May 17, 2011
Venue Korea
Host National Library of Korea
Agenda Agenda [PDF 56KB]
Participants Participants [PDF 105KB]
Minutes Minutes [PDF 109KB]
Country reports Australia [PDF 143KB]
Bhutan [PDF 48KB]
Cambodia [PDF 108KB]
China [PDF 84KB]
Indonesia [PDF 408KB]
Japan [PDF 81KB]
Kiribati [PDF 88KB]
Korea [PDF 102KB]
Lao PDR [PDF 96KB]
Malaysia [PDF 207KB]
Maldives [PDF 147KB]
Myanmar [PDF 112KB]
Nepal [PDF 64KB]
Philippines [PDF 169KB]
Singapore [PDF 193KB]
Sri Lanka [PDF 189KB]
Thailand [PDF 164KB]
Vietnam [PDF 247KB]
Discussion on Cooperation -Legal Deposit (including e-legal deposit) Thailand: Press Act [PDF 104KB]
-Standards for digitization of audio and video content
-Open access of research content and possibility of federated search across repositories of research materials
Presentation on special subjects Japan: The Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11[PDF 2.82MB]
  by National Diet Library
CJKDLI (China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative) Status Reports
·Preserving and Disseminating Asian Cultures with the Digital Library Technologies [PDF 860KB]
  by National Library of China
·China-Japan-Korea Digital Library Initiative and the NDL Search -new portal service of the National Diet Library [PDF 980KB]
  by National Diet Library
·CJKDLI Metadata Registry [PDF 2.07MB]
  by National Library of Korea
Case Study Presentation
-Korea: ‘Library Services for People with Disabilities’ [PDF 180KB]
Discussion -Expansion of member country
-Korea: ‘National Library and Information Policies Special Interest Group’ in WLIC 2011 report presentation [PDF 100KB]
Select 2013 Host Country Remarks by the Next Host, the National Library of Indonesia
Brief report on the Newsletter [Korea] Hosting the 19th Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania


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