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The 18th meeting (2010)

Date April 13, 2010
Venue Singapore
Host National Library Board, Singapore
(Chair: National Library of Pakistan)
Agenda Agenda [PDF 79KB]
Participants Participants [PDF 41KB]
Minutes Minutes [PDF 152KB]
Country reports Australia [PDF 144KB]
China [PDF 42KB]
Indonesia [PDF 227KB]
Japan [PDF 52KB]
Korea [PDF 55KB]
Malaysia [PDF 37KB]
New Zealand [PDF 51KB]
Philippines [PDF 40KB]
Singapore [PDF 43KB]
Thailand [PDF 155KB]
Vietnam [PDF 39KB]
Matters arising from 17th CDNLAO Meeting a. Final Statutes and Rules of Procedures for CDNLAO drafted by National Library of Australia (NLA) [PDF 40KB]
b. Participation in Dibrary Portal of National Library of Korea [PDF 1.09MB]
c. Inclusion of discussion forums in CDNLAO website for the following themes by National Diet Library (NDL):
 ·Open source software
 ·Digital preservation
 ·“National Libraries Global”
 ·Web archiving
Presentation on special subjects from national libraries a. Report on questionnaire survey on web-archiving
 Document 1 [PDF 44KB]
 Document 2 [PDF 100KB]
 Document 3 [PDF 83KB]
 by National Diet Library, Japan
b. RDA Implementation – status report [PDF 68KB]
by National Library of Australia
c. Announcement of CDNLAO website [PDF 711KB]
by National Diet Library, Japan
d. Presentation on the National Library of Australia’s new discovery service, Trove,
by National Library of Australia
e. IFLA Statement of Principles on Copyright Exceptions and Limitations for Libraries and Archives, see
Photos Photos from the meeting [PDF 932KB]
Brief report on the Newsletter [Pakistan] 18th Conference of Directors of National Libraries In Asia And Oceania (CDNL-AO)
[Singapore] Report on the 18th Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania (CDNL-AO) Meeting held in Singapore, April 13, 2010


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