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The 17th meeting (2009)

Date April 20, 2009
Venue Hanoi, Vietnam
Host National Library of Vietnam
Agenda Agenda [PDF 22KB]
Participants Participants [PDF 35KB]
Minutes Minutes [PDF 60KB]
Country reports Australia [PDF 47KB]
Cambodia [PDF 27KB]
China [PDF 167KB]
Fiji [PDF 36KB]
Indonesia [PDF 111KB]
Japan [PDF 144KB]
Korea [PDF 99KB]
Malaysia [PDF 57KB]
Myanmar [PDF 537KB]
Philippines [PDF 117B]
Singapore [PDF 56KB]
Sri Lanka [PDF 33KB]
Thailand [PDF 47KB]
Vietnam [PDF 42KB]
Welcome address Welcome address [PDF 10KB]
by Mr. Pham The Khang (National Library of Vietnam)
Report on 30th anniversary of CDNLAO foundation Presentation on CDNLAO formulation and development [PDF 18KB]
by Ms. Jan Fullerton (National Library of Australia)
Presentation and discussion on measures to consolidate and strengthen CDNLAO [PDF 18KB]
by Mrs. Bui Thi Thuy (National Library of Vietnam)
Extra presentation on Digital National Library and Dibrary Portal
by Mr. Kwang Moo PARK (National Library of Korea)
Report on special subjects Report on Open Source Software [PDF 41KB]
Presentation slide [PDF 156KB]
by Ms. Jan Fullerton (National Library of Australia)
Report on Web Archiving [PDF 98KB]
Presentation slide [PDF 324KB]
by Ms. Yukiko Saito (International Library of Children’s Literature, National Diet Library, Japan)
Short note on Digital Preservation
by Dr. N. Varaprasad (National Library Board, Singapore)
Brief report on the Newsletter CDNLAO Newsletter No. 65 (July 2009)


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