The year 2008 marked 100 years since emigration of Japanese to Brazil started in 1908. We have taken this opportunity to present a digital exhibition on Japanese emigration to Brazil.

From 1984 onwards, the National Diet Library dispatched their library staff to Brazil, Peru, Hawaii and other countries, to collect materials related to Japanese emigration. The collected materials include such documents as handwritten diaries, letters and notes, photos and printed materials, as well such publications as books, newspapers and magazines in Japanese published in those countries.

This digital exhibition depicts the history of emigration to Brazil chiefly through those materials held by the library, mainly from a point of view of the country Japan emigrants left. Not only digital images but full textized versions of many materials are displayed. We hope that the exhibition will give many people an opportunity to broaden their understanding of history of emigration to Brazil.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank to the members of the Japanese community in Brazil once again who assisted us in the collection of the materials. We hope many people wll enjoy the exihibition.

We hope that many people wll enjoy the exihibition.