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Formal Name
Gohyakurakan-ji Sansodo
Current Address
Koto-ku, Oshima
Refers to the Sanso-do Hall constructed within the grounds of Gohyakurakan-ji Temple in 1741. The name Sanso-do Hall means the hall that rotates 3 times, and the inside of the hall is a 3 layered spiral shape, structured so that one can climb and descend the tower without using the same passageway twice. The shape was reminiscent of a saza'e (razor clam) so it became known as "Saza'e-do Hall" (razor clam hall). There is a Kannon fudasho (temple which issues amulets) part way through the passage, and it is said if one circles around the entire inside of the hall, then one has completed a Kannon pilgrimage, and this rare opportunity made the site popular with the people of Edo. It was ruined by destructive storms in the Koka Era (1844-48) and the Ansei Great Earthquakes in 1855. Gohyakurakan-ji Temple was relocated to Meguro during the Meiji Era but Saza'e-do Hall no longer exists.