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Reading Rooms

A solid block plan of the Reading Rooms
A picture of reading desks of the reading rooms

There are several reading rooms in the Tokyo Main Library, but, there is only one reading area in the Kansai-kan, with a floor space of 4500m2 and approximately 360 seats. Most of the seats are equipped with computer terminals for searching the library collection.
The reading area is composed of the General Collection Room and the Asian Resources Room, with the Information Desk in the center.

For details on how to use the collections, how to use the library, and so on, please ask at the Information Desk.

A picture of the Information Desk of the Kansai-kan

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In the General Collection Room, there are approximately 90,000 reference books for research and studies including dictionaries, manuals, abstracts/index journals, etc. on the open shelves. In the Asian Resources Room, there are approximately 30,000 Asia-related materials such as books, periodicals, newspapers, etc. on the open shelves. You can freely access all open-stack materials.

A picture of Open shelves of the reading rooms

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A picture of the Collect and Return Counter

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