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4-7 Letter, Kenneth Colegrove to President Harry S. Truman, July 29, 1946

 Kenneth Colegrove, the political consultant on constitutional matters to GHQ, arrived in Japan in March 1946. After returning to the United States, he wrote in a letter sent to President Truman on July 29 that he knew the Japanese people evaluated the proposed Constitution highly. In the letter, he defended GHQ, explaining that changing policy due to the FEC expressing dissatisfaction at MacArthur's approval of the proposed Constitution would result in chaos among the people of Japan.

Actual Title of Source Letter from Kenneth Colegrove to President Harry S. Truman, dated July 29, 1946
Date July 29, 1946
Document Number Harry S. Truman Papers Box No.685 <Sheet No. TRUMAN No. 5411>
Repository (reproduction) National Diet Library
Repository Harry S. Truman Presidential Library
Note Microfiche
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