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Matsudaira Sadanobu 1758-1829
Reformer in the Middle Edo Period
  Childhood name: Masamaru
Pen names: Rakuo and Kagetsuo among others
  Feudal Lord of Shirakawa
  Biographical Sketch
    He was the third child of Tayasu Munetake, making him the grandchild of the eighth Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune.
  In 1774 at the age of 17 he was adopted by Matsudaira Sadakuni, the lord of Shirakawa castle, and inherited the land of the Shirakawa clan in 1783. In June of 1787 at the age of 30 he became a minister of the shogun in Edo (old Tokyo), he worked on rebuilding the shogunate until he retired in 1793. He led the "Kansei (1787-1793) Reformation" one of the three major reformations of the Edo Shogunate (1603-1867). He died at the age of 72.
  He was an excellent scholar, writing such books as "Kagetu Soshi" and "Uge no Hitokoto". He published "Shuko Jissu" a study on old literature. He also started work on a compilation of shogunate works such as "Kansei Choshu Shokafu" and "Tokugawa Jikki".
rakutei bunko
Ex-libris Ownership Stamp
Known owner's stamps include: "shirakawa" (shirakawa),"kuwana" (kuwana),"shirakawa bunko" (shirakawa bunko), "kuwana bunko" (kuwana bunko), and "rikkyokan/toshoin" (rikkyokan/toshoin). The book "Nihon Zoshoinko" by Ono Noriaki explains that the "shirakawa" and "shirakawa bunko" are Sadanobu's and "kuwana", and "kuwana bunko" are from the Matsudaira family, and "rikkyokan toshoin" is from the Kuwana clan school.
Reading and the size of the ex-libris ownership stamp
rakutei bunko(rakutei bunko): 61x18mm
  The National Diet Library holds about 120 items passed on by the Ministry of Education in 1876.
Stamped Material
Wakan Honzo Satsuyo Shui
"Wakan Honzo Satsuyo Shui"
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