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Since early times, people have preserved images of memorable scenes, which reflect the culture and mode of life of their age, in various ways. We can see the people's life of each period in paintings, illustrations, woodblock prints and photographs. In this electronic exhibition, images of scenes from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century Japan are digitized and linked together by region, period, and selected topics. It will be enable you to retrace the memories of Japanese scenes.
Vienna International Exposition
The Vienna International Exposition, held in the capital of Austria in 1873, was the first international exposition in which the Japanese government officially participated. Japan set up a pavilion and put out information on its industry and culture into the world. The exposition, which was important for Japan in starting international exchanges, is re-created here by digital technology. It is introduced in three parts: virtual tour of the exposition, Japan and the Vienna International Exposition, and information on related resources.
Modern Japanese Political History Materials (in Japanese)
The Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room of the National Diet Library holds documents, such as diaries, letters, and business papers, once owned by politicians in and after the latter half of the 19th century. Important items selected from these materials are electronically exhibited here, classified by period or theme.

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