Kumagai, Naohiko (1829 - 1913)

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Occupation, Status Artist
Birthplace(modern name) Kyoto
Date of Birth and Death Jan. 29, 1829 - Mar. 8, 1913


Japanese-style painter. Born in Kyoto, the son of a Shinto priest in Kamo. He studied under the Shijo school painter Shigehiko Okamoto, and after his master died he studied on his own. Later he was adopted by Samon Kumagai, a samurai of the Hiroshima Clan and emonkata based in Kyoto, and was busily engaged in clan affairs as a samurai. After the Meiji Restoration, he moved to Tokyo and became active as a painter, exhibiting at the Chicago and Paris world expositions and elsewhere. He excelled especially at figure painting. In 1904, he became teishitsu gigeiin (Imperial artist).

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Source:Kindai Meishi no Omokage vol.1
Call no.:419-34
Monochrome, 8.1×11.1 cm