ARAI Ikunosuke

Date of Birth and Death
June 12, 1836 - July 19, 1909
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Government Official , Scholar (Natural Science)


Government official of meteorological observatory, scholar of geodesy. He studied at Shohei-zaka Gakumonjyo academy. Later he served in the shogunate government as the president of the Warship Navigation Institute and the director of the Kobusho (martial arts training institute). In 1868, he resisted the new government forces with ENOMOTO Takeaki in Hakodate. In 1872 he started serving at the Hokkaido Development Commission of the new government and in 1877 became the director of the surveying division of the Geography Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs. In 1887, he observed a solar eclipse scientifically for the first time in Japan, then he became the first Chief of the Central Meteorological Observatory. He edited and published the Eiwa taiyaku jisho (known as the Hokkaido Development Commission's Dictionary) in 1872.


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ARAI Ikunosuke

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