IBUSE Masuji

Date of Birth and Death
February 15, 1898 - July 10, 1993
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IBUSHI Masuji (real name)


Novelist. After a long time writing dojinshi (self-piblished works), he published Koi (Carp) in the magazine Mita Bungaku in 1928 and Sanshouo (Salamander) in another magazine, Bungei Toshi in 1929, making his literary debut. In 1930 he was recognized as a famous novelist with his works Yohuke to Ume no Hana (Dawn and Plum Flowers) and Natsukashiki Genjitsu (Good Old Reality). He was awarded the Naoki Prize for John Manjirou Hyoryu Ki (Story of Castaway John Manjiro) (1937). He was sent to Singapore to engage in military service and returned back to Japan one year later. Even in the post-war era, he continued to produce many works including Honjitsu Kyushin (No Consultations Today) (1949-50), Yohai Taicho (Lieutenant Lookeast and other stories) (1950), Hyomin Usaburo (Castaway Usaburo) (1954-55), Chinpindo Shujin (Master of Chinpindo store) (1959) and his masterpiece Kuroi Ame (Black Rain) (1965-66), which was about the atomic bombing. Awarded the Order of Culture in 1966.


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IBUSE Masuji

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