Mori, Nobuteru (1884 - 1941)

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Occupation, Status Businessman, Statesman
Birthplace(modern name) Chiba
Date of Birth and Death Oct. 21, 1884 - Mar. 1, 1941


After graduating from higher elementary school, he got involved in Kajime Yaki, his family business of making iodine. He expanded his business and founded the Sobo Suisan. During the depression after the World War I, the company went bankrupt and was absorbed by Toshin Denki, and he became an executive of the company. He founded Nihon Yodo (later Nihon Denki Kogyo) and Showa Hiryo and succeeded in manufacturing ammonium sulfate and aluminum with the domestic technology. He expanded his business to focus on the electrochemical industry to diversify into other related businesses such as power and mining and built the Mori Konzern. He merged Nihon Denki Kogyo and Showa Hiryo to build Showa Denko and became its first president in 1939. He was consecutively elected a member of the House of Representatives four times beginning in 1924.

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Source:Shiroi Sekitan
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