Mori, Tsutomu (1882 - 1932)

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Occupation, Status Businessman, Statesman
Birthplace(modern name) Osaka
Date of Birth and Death Dec. 28, 1882 - Dec. 11, 1932
Pen name etc. Mori, Kaku


Graduated from the Shoko Chugakko in 1901. He joined Mitsui Bussan in 1902. He founded Chugoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (renamed Chunichi Jitsugyo-Sino-Japanese Business Company the following year) in 1913. After serving as the general manager of the Tianjin branch of Mitsui Bussan, he left the company in 1920 and was elected a member of the House of Representatives from the Rikken Seiyukai (Friends of Constitutional Government Party). He served as the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Giichi Tanaka Cabinet in 1927, promoted the Shandong Expedition and presided over the Toho Kaigi which debated and decided to actively promote the continental policy. He served as secretary-general of the Rikken Seiyukai (Friends of Constitutional Government Party) in 1929 and Chief Secretary of the Cabinet in the Inukai Cabinet in 1931.

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Source:Mori Kaku
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