Date of Birth and Death
May 4, 1867 - March 7, 1919
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status


Eldest son of Michitsune Mishima. He studied at the private school Kogyokusha, Yamagata Shihan Gakko (Yamagata normal school) and the Komaba School of Agriculture. He travelled twice to the United States and studied at the Massachusetts Agricultural College and Cornell University Graduate School. After returning to Japan, he worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce and the Ministry of Communications. Following of the death of his father in 1888, he inherited the title of shishaku (viscount). He was selected as a member of the House of Peers in 1897 and belonged to the Kenkyu-kai of the dominant party faction mainly composed by shishaku (viscount) deputies. He joined the Yokohama Shokin Bank in 1906 and served as executive director in 1908 to become president in 1911. He assumed the governor of Nihon Ginko (Bank of Japan) in 1913 and died in office in 1919.



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