BABA Tatsui

Date of Birth and Death
June 24, 1850 - November 1, 1888
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Democratic rights activist. Born in Kochi, the son of a samurai of the Kochi Clan. He studied at his domain school, Bunbukan, and the Keio Gijuku. He studied in England from 1870 to 1878 and studied law and wrote some books in English between brief returns to Japan. After moving back to Japan, he became a member of Kyozondoshukai. In 1881, he organized the Kokuyukai and became a member of the Liberal Party. In 1882, he became the chief editor of the party's magazine "Jiyu Shimbun", but was dismissed for opposing Taisuke Itagaki's visits to foreign countries and breaking away from the party in 1883. In 1885, Baba was detained on suspicion of violating the rules for regulating explosive materials, but he was found innocent later and released in 1886. He then again went to the United States to introduce Japan to more Americans, but he died in Philadelphia.


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BABA Tatsui

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