Hashimoto, Sanai (1834 - 1859)

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Occupation, Status Educator, Others
Birthplace(modern name) Fukui
Date of Birth and Death 1834 - 1859
Pen name etc. Tsunanori


Loyal supporter of the Emperor during the final days of the Tokugawa regime. Born in Fukui as the son of a doctor serving in the Fukui Clan. After learning medicine at Osaka Tekijuku of Koan Ogata, he returned home in 1852. In 1854, he came to study in Tokyo, where he formed friendships with Toko Fujita, Takamori Saigo, and others. After returning to his domain, he was adopted into the Clan as Shoinban (official guardsman) and Deputy Head of the domain school. By extending an invitation to Shonan Yokoi, he was one of the central figures in the Fukui Clan's governmental reforms. In 1857, he was summoned to Edo and served under Yoshinaga Matsudaira for his feudal lord. He played an active role in trying to promote Yoshinobu Hitotsubashi to the 14th Shogunate, but the attempt ended in failure. Naosuke Ii was appointed Tairo (chief minister) of the Tokugawa shogunate. Hashimoto was executed by decapitation at Edo during the Ansei Purge.

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Source:Hashimoto Keigaku Zenshu vol.1
Call no.:081.8-H284h-Kk
Monochrome, 8.8×13.6 cm