Taguchi, Ukichi (1855 - 1905)

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Occupation, Status Scholar(Social Science), Journalist, Statesman
Birthplace(modern name) Tokyo
Date of Birth and Death June 13, 1855 - Apr. 13, 1905
Pen name etc. Teiken


Economist, historian, and statesman. Born in Tokyo as the son of a vassal of the Shogun. Although he had at first wanted to become a physician, he started to write the "Nihon kaika shoshi" (Short History of Japanese Civilization) (1877-82) and "Jiyu Koeki Nihon Keizai Ron" (A Free Trade Policy For Japan) (1878), while learning economics and English in the Translation Bureau of Ministry of Finance. He resigned from the office in 1878 and founded the Keizai Zasshi-sha in the following year, issuing the "Tokyo keizai zasshi" (Tokyo Journal of Economics). He published many articles and contributed to the foundation of the former Tokyo Stock Exchange and management of railway companies. He served as a member of the House of Representatives after 1894. He also reproduced and edited some voluminous historical libraries such as "the Gunsho ruiju" (Classified Collection of Japanese Classics) (1894) and "the Kokushi taikei" (1901). Jur. d..

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Source:Taguchi Teiken Ryakuden
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