KANO Hogai

Date of Birth and Death
February 27, 1828 - November 5, 1888
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Japanese-style painter. Born in Yamaguchi, the son of a painter serving the Chofu Clan. He came to Edo and became a disciple of the Kobiki-cho Kano family in 1846. One of his fellows was Gaho Hashimoto. Suffering many difficulties during the shakeup of the Meiji Restoration, he made efforts to innovate Japanese-style paintings. He adapted techniques of Western painting such as space expression and use of colors at the suggestion of a hired American teacher, Fenollosa. In 1884, he was appointed as officer of Ministry of Education. Although he was nominated for a professorship at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts in 1888, he died before the opening of the school. His representative works include "Fudo Myoo" and "Hibo Kannon" (Merciful Mother Kannon).


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KANO Hogai

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