Umegatani, Totaro (1878 - 1927)

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Occupation, Status Others
Birthplace(modern name) Toyama
Date of Birth and Death Mar. 11, 1878 - Sep. 2, 1927
Pen name etc. Ikazuchi


Sumo wrestler. Born in Toyama. He came to Tokyo as a boy and entered into the sumo world as the adopted son of Umegatani I. He soon distinguished himself from others and was promoted to the 20th yokozuna in 1903 with his rival, Hitachiyama. He stayed in the position of yokozuna for 12 years, establishing the "Ume-Hitachi Era", and thus contributed to boosting sumo's popularity. He recorded 168 wins, 27 losses, 47 draws, 2 azukari (unresolved), and 116 yasumi (absence) while staying in the makuuchi division. Umegatani retired in 1915, and succeeded Toshiyori Ikazuchi in training younger sumo wrestlers.

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Source:Bakumatsu Meiji Bunka Hensenshi
Call no.:210.6-To591b2-t
Monochrome, 4.8×9.2 cm