MATSUI Naokichi

Date of Birth and Death
August 14, 1857 - February 1, 1911
Birthplace (modern name)
Occupation, Status
Scholar (Natural Science)


Chemist. Born in Ogaki, Gifu. He studied at the Daigaku Nanko (later the University of Tokyo) as a student sent by the Ogaki Clan. In 1875, he went to study in the Department of Mining Science of Columbia University. In 1880, he returned home and worked for the Department of Science of the University of Tokyo. In 1887, he was assigned to the Third Higher Middle School in Kyoto, and in the following year he received a doctorate in science. In 1890, he became professor at the College of Agriculture of the Imperial University, and was appointed president of the Imperial University of Tokyo in 1905 (but resigned 12 days later). A man of varied accomplishments, versatile talent, and interests, he was familiar with art works and antiques, rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling) and gidayu (traditional Japanese puppet theater).The image was updated in November, 2009.


MATSUI Naokichi

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