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The portrait photographs included in this exhibition were selected from the photographic publications or biographies in our stocks. Under the photograph, we indicate the title of the source material, our call number and photo size. The title of the source material is linked to the bibliographical data.(There is some exceptions.)

Some of the portraits are photographs of paintings.

Biographical Notes

Biographical notes were produced by staff of the National Diet Library.

Dates of birth or death in the western calendar before 1872 are calculated from the Japanese lunar calendar, and other date notations are based on "Kokushi Daijiten" in principle. Names of clans are based on "Hanshi Daijiten."


The encyclopedias and bibliographies listed below were referred to in writing the notes, along with the biographies taken from "Bibliography for Biographical Studies of Japanese in Modern Politics" (Japanese only) on the website of the National Diet Library.

  • "Kokushi Daijiten". Vols. 1-17 (17 vols.) Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 1979-1997. <Call No. GB8-60>
  • "Nihonshi Daijiten". Heibonsha, 1992-94. <Call No. GB8-E67>
  • "Nihon Jinmei Daijiten". Kodansha, 2001 <Call No. YU7-1737>
  • "Nihonshi koujiten". Yamakawa Shuppannsha, 1997 <Call No. GB8-G21>
  • "Nihon kingendaishi Jiten". Toyo Keizai Shinposha, 1978 <Call No. GB8-52>
  • "Nihon Kanryo-sei Sogojiten 1868-2000". University of Tokyo Press, 2001. <Call No. AZ-331-G77>
  • "Nihon Jinbutsu Bunken Mokuroku". Heibonsha Limited. 1974. <Call No. GB1-20>
  • "Nihon Rikukaigun Sogojiten". University of Tokyo Press, 1991. <Call No. A112-E172>
  • "Bakumatsu Meiji Kaigai Tokosha Soran". Vols. 1-3 (3vols.) Kashiwashobo Co., Ltd., 1992. <Call No. GB13-E58>
  • "Meiji Kakocho". Newly revised. Tokyo Bijutsu, 1988. <Call No. GB13-E19>
  • "Hanshi Daijiten". Vols. 1-8 (8vols.) Yuzankaku Inc., 1988-1990. <Call No. GB8-E9>
  • "Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia". Kodansha Ltd., 1993. <Call No. GB8-A6 >
  • "Nihon Kingendai Jinbutsu Rireki Jiten". University of Tokyo Press, 2002 <Call No.GB12-H3>

Materials referred to in the preparation of this exhibition are listed below. These materials are classified according to subject and listed with detailed captions of the photographs. Persons looking for old photographs may refer to these materials.


July, 2004Released Japanese version
August, 2005Added biographical notes(English version) on each person
March, 2007Added portrait photographs of eight persons.
Added portrait photographs and biographical notes of one hundred and twenty eight people.
October, 2007The image of Kunikida, Doppo was updated
November, 2009The images of Nakano, Hatsune and Matsui, Naokichi were updated
June, 2010The image of Nakaoka, Shintaro was updated
January, 2013Added portrait photographs of eight persons.
Added portrait photographs and biographical notes of two hundred and fifty two people.
Added new menu for search from birthplace and date of birth.

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