Diagram of the various factions favoring / opposing the conclusion of the London Naval Treaty

TAKARABE Takashi (navy minister) and YAMANASHI Katunoshin (vice navy minister) of the the Navy ministry, SAITO Makoto, and OKADA Keisuke belong to the Pro-treaty faction in Navy. KATO Hiroharu (chief of the naval general staff office) and SUETSUGU Nobumasa (vice-chief of the Naval general staff office) of the Naval general staff, TOGO Heihachiro, and OGASAWARA Naganari belong to the Anti-treaty faction in Navy.

In political parties, HAMAGUCHI Osachi (prime minster) , SHIDEHARA Kijuro (foreign minister) , and WAKATSUKI Reijiro (plenipotentiary) of the Minseito belongs to the Pro-treaty faction. INUKAI Tsuyoshi (director general) and HATOYAMA Ichiro (member of the House of Representatives) of the The Seiyukai belongs to the Anti-treaty faction.

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