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Letter of YAMANASHI Katsunoshin to SAITO Makoto From Papers of SAITO Makoto #1573-13( Text )

Letter of YAMANASHI Katsunoshin to SAITO Makoto

(Front of envelope)

Entrusted to Captain KOGA

His Excellency SAITO Makoto, Seoul, Korea


(Back of envelope)


Navy Ministry

YAMANASHI Katsunoshin

1 May

(Main Text)

I presume that you have been in excellent health since the last time we met. It moves me deeply to hear your message that you sent via General TAKESHITA was returned to Tokyo a few days ago.

On the real circumstances surrounding the Disarmament [Treaty], please hear the details from Captain KOGA. The heart of this problem is exceedingly subtle, and even I cannot easily express it. I leave everything to your conjecture.

The position of Minister TAKARABE, now returning to Japan from Korea, is extremely difficult and complicated, and it is difficult to effect a simple solution to the matter. There is a need to carefully discern and examine all aspects, including the domestic and international circumstances, and the positions of the nation, the Government, the Navy, etc.

I ask Your Excellency the Governor General to bolster him by offering to serve as the Minister's confident. Also, HAMAGUCHI, as the person in charge of the affair, shares the same hopes.

I have humbly beseech you to do this, and pray that you will watch your well being.

Sincerely yours,

1 May

YAMANASHI Katsunoshin

His Excellency SAITO

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