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Current Address
Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Suda-cho
Refers to the interior of Sujichigai-mitsuke. A mitsuke was a castle gate constructed in the outer bailey of Edo Castle which was guarded by a gatekeeper for security. Sujichigai-mitsuke was located in the area of the present day Kanda Sudacho and is also called Kandaguchi. After the great fires of the Meireki Era and Tenna Era, a plaza was established, which also served as a firebreak, and roads led in all directions from here so it was called Yatsukoji. There was a lot of traffic from Uchikanda to Sotokanda and from Sudacho to Shitaya and the gates were opened at all hours of the day. After the procession for the Kanda Festival was viewed by the Shogun within the castle, it passed through the Takebashi-mon Gate and Tokiwabashi-mon Gate and then finally passed through the Sujichigai-mon Gate and returned to the Kanda Myojin Shrine.