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Current Address
Taito-ku, Senzoku
A licensed pleasure quarter that was located in the north of Asakusa. Originally established on the eastern side of Nihonbashi Fukiyacho, however in 1656 it was ordered relocated, then after the Great Fire of Meireki the next year, it was relocated to Asakusa Senzokumura. Prior to this it was referred to as Motoyoshiwara and after Shinyoshiwara. During the height of its prosperity it is said to have employed some 3,000 prostitutes. The area was located past Omon, and approached by taking Emonzaka and passing through Gojikkenmichi Road, which curved so that the pleasure quarter could not be seen from the dike. There was a Yanagi (willow) on the eastern corner where it turned onto Emonzaka, at a position where customers would turn back and be reluctant to leave, so it came to be called the "Mikaeri Yanagi" (Willow of regret). It was surrounded by a moat called "Ohagurodobu", and the only entry and exit was the Omon-gate, preventing the prostitutes from escaping. The quarter strove to be a man-made paradise with measures such as Cherry blossoms in the spring, and maple trees in the autumn planted on the "Nakanomachi" main road in the middle of the quarter.