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Current Address
Shinagawa-ku, Kitashinagawa / Minamishinagawa
A posting station which was located on the Tokaido Highway close to Aomono-yokocho from the present day Keihin Kyuko Kitashinagawa Station. This was one of the "Shishuku" first posting stations encountered after entering the Five Highways from Edo, together with Itabashi on the Nakasendo Highway, Senjyu on the Nikko/Oshu Highway, and Naitoshinjuku on the Koshudochu Highway. The next station was Kawasaki-shuku (Kanagawa-shuku before 1623) so this was the only posting station on the Tokaido within the City of Edo. At first this was composed of 2 stations across the Meguro-gawa River, "Kitashinagawa-shuku" and "Minamishinagawa-shuku", however in 1722 the "Toho Shinjuku" was added to the north, and became the posting station for approximately 2km of the Tokaido Highway from Yatsuyama in the north to Oimurazakai (There are some historical materials on which this is called "Myokokujimonzen") in the south.