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Koto-ku, Tokiwa / Kiyosumi
A bridge that spanned the estuary where the Onagi-gawa River flowed into the Sumida-gawa River. Long ago there was a ship bansho (guard station) on the northern side of the Mannen-bashi Bridge, it was also called Motobansho-bashi Bridge (former guard station bridge). The location was known for the famous view of Mt. Fuji in the distance behind the Sumida-gawa River. The Akoh-gishi (47 ronin) headed from the Honjo Kira residence towards the Ekoin Temple, however they were refused entry so they headed to Sengaku-ji Temple instead. During the journey they are said to have avoided the Ryogoku-bashi Bridge, and instead taken the Mannen-bashi Bridge and headed towards Eitai-bashi Bridge in order to avoid any Daimyo (feudal lords) visiting the castle.