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National Diet Library Newsletter

No. 217, April 2018

The 8th Mutual Visit Program between the National Diet Library, the National Assembly Library of Korea and the National Assembly Research Service

The eighth visit program with the National Assembly Library (NAL) and the National Assembly Research Service (NARS) of Korea was held in Seoul from December 12 to 15, 2017. Two staff members of the Research and Legislative Reference Bureau of the National Diet Library (NDL), Ms. Mariyo Igarashi (Chief, Research Planning Division, Research and Legislative Bureau) and Mr. Taisuke Kohari (Researcher, Social Welfare and Labor Division, Research and Legislative Reference Bureau), visited the NAL and the NARS for this year’s program.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Session 1: Foreign legislation information services

  • NDL presentation by Ms. Mariyo Igarashi
  • NAL presentation by Dr. Jungim Kim, Research Official, Legal Information Management Division

In the session with the NAL, Ms. Igarashi reported on the outline of research on foreign legislative information, process of writing papers related to policy issues, and interdisciplinary researches. Dr. Kim reported on individual-response services for legal information, information-on-demand system, municipal council portal, etc. During the Q&A period, they exchanged information on the following topics: current condition of joint study program, contents of training for employees, the National Assembly’s human network in which professors at Korean universities and experts are registered, and development of the portal site for information sharing among local council, etc.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Session 2: Labor markets and policy responses in Japan and Korea

  • NDL presentation by Mr. Taisuke Kohari
  • NARS presentation by Dr. Seungrae Cho, Director of Environment and Labor Team, National Assembly Research Service

In the session with the NARS, Mr. Kohari presented recent circumstance of labor market in Japan and trends in labor policies: correction of long hour labor under the Work-style Reform, and policy of "equal pay for equal work". Dr. Cho gave an outline of recent situation of labor market in Korea and current status of discussion on labor policies: raising the minimum wage, and reduction in working hour, etc. During the Q&A period, they discussed influence on employment by raising the minimum wage, legislative trend on "equal pay for equal work" in Korea, youth employment issue, decentralization of, and utilizing public sector for, labor standards administration.

<<From left to right: Ms. Soo Yeon Park, Protocol Officer/Interpreter, Planning and Cooperation Division, NARS; Ms. Yu Jung Kim, Legislative Researcher, Political and Parliamentary Affairs Team, NARS; Mr. Jun Kim, Ph.D., Deputy Director-General of NARS; Mr. Kohari; Ms. Igarashi; Mr. Seungrae Cho, Director of the Environment and Labor Team, NARS; and Mr. Young Chan Kim, Deputy Director of the Planning and Cooperation Division, NARS>>