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2016-12-2 Changes in services related to the renewal of user terminals

The user terminals in the Tokyo Main Library and the International Library of Children's Literature (ILCL) will be renewed during the year-end and New Year holidays. As a result some of our services will be changed.

The renewal of the terminals in the Kansai-kan was completed in November 2016.

Temporary alternate closure of the entrance gates (The Tokyo Main Library)

The entrance gates will be closed alternately for renewal of the gate equipment. Visitors can enter and exit though the entrance gate of either the main building or the annex. The entering and exiting procedures are the same as before.

Change in obtaining a one-day user card (The Tokyo Main Library)

From January 5 (Thu.), 2017, to obtain a one-day user card, the user must fill in the application form and receive a card at the entrance counter.

Replacement of the user terminals

From January 5 (Thu.), 2017, the user terminals will be renewed and the operation procedure will also be changed.

For increased security, the password is always necessary when you verify the status of your request at a user terminal at the Tokyo Main Library.

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