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2016-11-9 Renewal of user terminals and system / temporary close on November 28 (Mon.): Kansai-kan

Kansai-kan closes on November 28 (Mon.).

Kansai-kan will renew the user terminals, the user system etc. in November. Parts of our service are suspended or changed as below. Thank you for your cooperation.

Date Content Detail
November 4-November 26 Entrance Gate under construction The Entrance Gate is under construction. Please call the gate staff.
November 4- How to obtain a user card: New System To obtain a one-day user card, fill in the application form and receive a card. No Issuing Machine now.
November 24-November 26 User terminals and printers are reduced User terminals and printers in General Collections Room and Asian Resources Room are reduced for replacement.
No user terminals in Study Rooms available All user terminals in Study Rooms are being replaced. (Study Rooms are still open).
November 28 Extra holiday Kansai-kan is closed.
November 29- New user terminals, the Entrance Gate etc. The Entrance Gate and user terminals in General Collections Room, Asian Resources Room and Study Rooms have been replaced.
November 29- Entering password is always necessary. For security improvement, the password is always necessary when you verify the status of your request at a user terminal.
November 29-December 27 Material arrival notice stops You cannot receive notices of arrival of materials on "Status of your requests" screen. You can check requests in process on NDL-OPAC or ask at the Collect Counter.

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