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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 100, September 2022

Commemorating the 100th issue of the CDNLAO Newsletter

Brief history of the CDNLAO Newsletter

By National Diet Library (Japan) as an editorial office of the CDNLAO Newsletter

As the editorial office of the CDNLAO Newsletter, the National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) would like to thank you very much for the wholehearted support and cooperation from correspondents and CDNLAO members. The CDNLAO Newsletter has been growing in usefulness for about 40 years and is now publishing its 100th issue. As it is the 100th issue, the editorial office would like to introduce a brief history of the newsletter to commemorate this issue.

The CDNLAO Newsletter is an online newsletter edited and distributed by the NDL on behalf of the members of the CDNLAO to promote better understanding and closer cooperation through the exchange of information among national libraries.

In 1982, the NDL was approved as editor of the Newsletter at the 2nd CDNLAO Meeting which was first held in Tokyo, Japan.

< 2nd CDNLAO Meeting >

The first issue of the CDNLAO Newsletter was published in July 1983 under the title of A/O Newsletter (forum for libraries in Asia and Oceania) as an appendix to the NDL Newsletter *. Since then, it has served as a forum for effective communication among librarians in Asia and Oceania.
*A newsletter which introduces general information about the NDL as well as its services, collections, and projects, issued six times a year.

< 1st issue of the CDNLAO Newsletter (A/O Newsletter) >

In 1988, the CDNLAO Newsletter began to be published separately starting with its 7th issue. In 1998, it began to be published online on the NDL website and publication in paper format ceased in 2003.

< Leftmost: The first issue to be published independently.
Rightmost: The last issue published in paper format >

In 2008, the NDL took over the management of the CDNLAO Website from the National Library of Australia after the CDNLAO Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, it has continued to be published without major changes.

< CDNLAO Meeting in 2008 >

Each issue is supported by articles contributed from you. If you have any ideas to improve the Newsletter as well as the website please let us know!

Share your news and information with colleagues in Asia and Oceania.
For example...

  • New Director General
  • Launch of new services
  • Events at your library

Any contribution is welcome!!

We will continue to carry useful information for national libraries in Asia and Oceania in the future. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to your continued cooperation with the CDNLAO Newsletter.

Copyright (C) 2022 National Diet Library, Japan