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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 95, February 2020

Special Topic

NDL Research Report

By National Diet Library

The National Diet Library has extensive experience conducting research on library and information services. The National Diet Library's Library Research Report Series was first published in 1960 and eventually reached Issue No. 40 (No. 38 , 39 and 40 available online). The NDL Research Report has been available online since 2003 in order to share more widely the results of our work with other libraries, thereby contributing to the overall enhancement of operations and services at libraries. The National Diet Library is pleased to undertake large-scale surveys of conditions at libraries of all types and to share these results with individual libraries, thereby providing them with a comprehensive overview of Japan's library community that otherwise would not be available.

The results of the NDL Research Reports are published both in printed form and in digital form in the Current Awareness Portal on the National Diet Library website. Although almost all our Research Reports are published in Japanese only, selected reports are published in part or in full in English.

Here is a table of the NDL Research Reports that have been published thus far.

Year Subject
2018 No.17 Research Report on Public Library Services for Persons with Special Needs
2017 No.16 Super-Aged Society and Libraries: From Building Ikigai to Supporting Dementia (English summary available)
2014 No.15 Managing the Process of Service Innovation for Community Revitalization in Public Libraries: Research Report (English summary available)
2013 No.14 Issues and Perspectives on Reference Services in Libraries of Japan (English summary available)
2012 No.13 The Great East Japan Earthquake and Libraries (English summary available)
2010 No.12 Current Status of National Library of China
2009 No.11 Survey on Distribution, Use, and Preservation of e-Books (English summary available)
2008 No.10 Study on Children's Information Behavior (English summary available)
2008 No.9 Survey on Local Collection (English summary available)
2008 No.8 Research on Deterioration of NDL Japanese Books published from 1950 to 1999
2006 No.7 Study on Collection Evaluation (English summary available)
2006 No.6 The Long-Term Accessibility of Packaged Digital Publications (English version available)
2005 No.5 Survey on Training for Librarians in Japan
2005 No.4 Research on Collection and Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Information in Digital Information Environment
2004 No.3 Survey on Training for Librarians Abroad
2004 No.2 Research on Collection and Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Information in the Digital Information Environment (FY2003 Survey Research)
2003 No.1 Overseas Trend of Library Services for Print Disabled in the Digital Environment

NDL Research Report No.13 reports on the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, and its impact on libraries. It includes a survey based on information about damage to library facilities and support activities to help libraries restore operations over the course of the year following the disaster. Although much of the information comes from either printed or online sources, there are also interviews with and requests for information from municipalities and libraries in the affected areas.

NDL Research Report No.16 focuses on a number of public libraries that provide advanced services such as support for elderly residents with dementia. A look at current trends reveals new relationships forming between public libraries and the elderly in the communities they serve, as libraries cooperate both with other organizations and the elderly themselves to offer needed services.

The National Diet Library continues to undertake and publish the results of research into subjects of interest in support of improved services at libraries.

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