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CDNLAO Newsletter

No. 94, July 2019

Information from the editorial office

From the Responses to the Questionnaire

By Branch Libraries and Cooperation Division, Administrative Department, National Diet Library, Japan

The editorial office has received responses from 15 national libraries (Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Fiji, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) as of July 5. We thank all the national libraries that completed the survey and returned it to us.

The following shows the main results of the questionnaire:

1. Questions about editorial correspondents of the CDNLAO Newsletter

A) Are you an editorial correspondent of the CDNLAO Newsletter?

Yes No
9 8

* Including responses with both checked.

B) How do you solicit contributions at your library?

Transferring emails from the editorial office (NDL) to my colleagues 6
Asking a colleague who engages in work related to the topic of the upcoming CDNLAO Newsletter 4
I do not do anything in particular. 2

C) How do you notify your colleagues when a new issue of the CDNLAO Newsletter is published?

I send out notifications by email. 9
I distribute printouts of the Newsletter. 0
I do not do anything in particular. 1

D) Is there an editorial correspondent at your library?

Yes No
7 4

From the editorial office:
The editorial office publishes the Newsletter in cooperation with editorial correspondents at national libraries in Asia and Oceania. We ask that each CDNLAO member library assign at least one editorial correspondent. To find out whether or not your library has assigned an editorial correspondent, please check the list available at the CDNLAO website.

2. Questions on the content of the CDNLAO Newsletter

E) Each issue of the CDNLAO Newsletter features a special topic, about which we welcome contributions from all members of the CDNLAO community. Please draw a checkmark beside any of the topics you would like to read about or would like to contribute articles on in the future. (Select all that apply.)

< Top three topics I would like to read >
Digitization of library materials 14
Library services for children and young adults 13
Library services for persons with print disabilities
Digital preservation
Education and training 12
Collaboration with other institutions
Preservation and conservation
Research in library and information service
< Top three topics I would like to contribute >
Education and training 8
Collaboration with other institutions 6
Legal deposit system
Preservation and conservation
Library services to the public
Digitization of library materials
Rare books and old materials 5

3. Questions on contributing articles to the CDNLAO Newsletter

F) The CDNLAO Newsletter aims at facilitating the sharing of knowledge and experience among national libraries in the Asia and Oceania region. Would you like to contribute an article in the future?

Yes No
14 2

* Including responses with both checked.

From the editorial office:
We look forward to your contributions!

G) If you answered "No or not sure," please specify the reasons.

I cannot come up with any project at my library that could be a topic of an article. 0
I am hesitant about writing an article in English. 0
I do not have the time to prepare an article. 0
I think that the activities of the IFLA Asia and Oceania Section and its mailing lists are enough for sharing information with national libraries in Asia and Oceania. 1

4. Questions on publicizing the CDNLAO Newsletter

H) Please check the box next to the statement which best describes your library regarding publicizing the CDNLAO Newsletter.

Most of the staff members know about the CDNLAO Newsletter. 2
About half of the staff members know about the CDNLAO Newsletter. 4
Few staff members know about the CDNLAO Newsletter. 5
Hardly any staff members know about the CDNLAO Newsletter. 3
  • Relevant staff are aware of the Newsletter

I) If you checked either "Few staff members know the CDNLAO Newsletter" or "Hardly any staff members know the CDNLAO Newsletter," please check the box next to the statement which most likely describes the reason to this situation.

It does not carry interesting articles. 0
It is difficult to read articles in English. 2
The CDNLAO and its activities are not well known at my library. 4
  • very few people can read English at our Library
  • Is there any possibility that we have mobile apps and connect people on the App for them to receive and read previous CDNLAO newsletter and the current one as well.

5. Comments about the CDNLAO Newsletter

This is a part of the comments to the Newsletter. We appreciate your feedback!

  • Thank you for your survey regarding CDNLAO newsletter. Actually in CDNLAO meeting, Director of National Library can only joint this program. So, we do not know the activities of CDNLAO. My recommendation is- if another one library professional can attend CDNLAO meeting then it may fruitful. It should be kept provision of CDNLAO
  • I heartily request you that CDNLAO Newsletter must cover all the information about library and information sector as well as all the member countries' news and activities.
  • I think the format of the newsletter should be changed.

We will use your feedback in editing the Newsletter to make it more useful to the member libraries. We will also welcome any additional comments concerning the questionnaire.

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