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Results of the on-site user survey of FY2017

In FY2017, the NDL conducted on-site user survey of Tokyo Main Library, the Kansai-kan, ILCL* and four of the Special Materials Rooms in Tokyo Main Library ("Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room", "Newspaper Reading Room", "Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room ", "Music and Audio-Visual Materials Room") shown in the table below.

The NDL on-site user survey was conducted from July to August 2017.
We thank participants for responding to the questionnaires.

*ILCL : International Library of Children's Literature, one of our branch libraries

[Table] Survey period and the number of responses
Respondents Period Questionnaire distributed Reponses collected Response
On-site users of the Tokyo Main Library Aug24-26 (3days) 4,201 1,889 45%
On-site users of the Kansai-kan Jul29-Aug31 (27days) 1,739 451 26%
On-site users of the ILCL(adult) Aug1-18 (14days) 3,431 1,057 31%
On-site users of the ILCL(under 18) 1,388 466 34%
On-site users of the Parliamentary Documents and Official Publications Room Aug1-15 (12days) 168 85 51%
On-site users of the Newspaper Reading Room Aug7-21(11days) 445 230 52%
On-site users of the Modern Japanese Political History Materials Room 112 92 82%
On-site users of the Music and Audio-Visual Materials Room 587 354 60%

Simple tabulation (in Japanese)

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